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Our classes’ topics


Soft skills

The 10 skills you need to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, according to the Davos competence list, are all so called "soft skills"...


Digital professions

The world is rapidly moving to Online and it's a pretty good idea to learn modern digital professions like digital marketing, coding ...


Foreign languages

Speaking other language opens you the opportunity to live and work not just in your country, but in the world. We believe that our planet...


School education

Once you try your child study online, being at home or any place with you you want, at the same moment learning from the best teachers...

Why soft skills are so important & needed by everyone

It’s obvious that every human being wants to become happy and successful in these life areas:

Business & Work
Personal relationships

It’s also obvious that most of us are not as successful in them as we want to be. We always have something to improve or change in order to become happier. Development of soft skills is the the key to the quick changes in life that you want to have for a long time.

Development of soft skills will let you become:

  • Calm & self-confident It will open you an ocean of new opportunities and give an inexpressible feeling of full and happy life. Which, in turn, will allow you to become an inspiring example for your children and work colleagues.
  • An easy-going and much more influential person It will allow you to build incredible relationships with anyone you want.
  • Incredibly effective in decision making & any kind of learning process. It will directly determine your career and the speed of business growth.

Always do your best to learn from the best

Frank Pucelik

Frank Pucelik

World-famous trainer and psychologist | Main speaker for Soft skills topic.

  • 75 year old, world famous psychologist, one the founders of the NLP system.
  • Living in Ukraine, he has been traveling the world and working on his programs for over 45 years.
  • His legendary rehabilitation program for adolescent drug addicts yielded some of the best results in the field all over the world.
  • As a Vietnam war veteran, he works with other vets and trained over 8000 psychologists for work with war veterans.
  • A lot of world-famous trainers use skills that they learned from the system created by Frank in 1970s while working in California, USA.

Soon we launch FRANK META GAME - a 90 days online marathon for developing basic soft skills everyone needs to have for a successful and happy life, and other exciting programs from this man of wisdom.

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Finally, more about us that might be important for you

Here at One Planet Club we defiantly:

  • Dedicate ourselves to develop legal, honest & professional business, and we expect the same from anyone who is our partner.
  • Are open to new effective win-win collaborations and feedback from our students Please, be brave and feel free to let us know anything you find significant about what and how we do.
  • Believe that everyone can contribute to making the world a better place There are very actual challenges for all of us, like global warming, responsible consumption and global pollution. It's not easy to think about these things deeply until you are not a person who is happy and successful enough.

By developing One Planet Club community we are aiming to influence the situation by creating a critically-minded mass of people who will say: "Yes, I have one life and I will live it to the max. But my children and I also only have one planet. Let's live here like it's our common home. Because it is".